Blue Sky Mining is a “confronting and compelling” book that demystifies the underlying structures and principles that make Silicon Valley so successful in repeatedly spawning new billion dollar industries. Written from the perspective of an Australian entrepreneur who has spent the last 12 years there, the book explains why innovation has been and will always be the most important unit of economic growth. With this baseline, Blue Sky Mining contrasts Silicon Valley with Australia’s commercialisation ecosystem, concluding that Australia’s is on the brink of collapse with devastating consequences.

Blue Sky Mining is written for government, universities, financiers, entrepreneurs, established business owners looking to expand into new markets and anyone interested in understanding why Silicon Valley has been so successful in creating new industries and commercializing innovation over decades. For entrepreneurs or business leaders competing with Silicon Valley-based startups and companies, it’s also a window into what gives them their competitive edge. It’s written for Australia and Australians, but innovation ecosystem stakeholders and entrepreneurs in other parts of the US and the world will also gain a lot from the book.